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The following terms and conditions shall be applicable to members and subscribers to Petra Real Investment Club:

  1. The Club is a legal entity and assumes that status in all her dealings without exception in any country of the world where it operates
  2. All members are online/website/digital base and a required to read the privacy policy of the Club hereunder before subscribing. Every member/user is bound by the rules, policies, terms and conditions inherent in the operations of the Club as spelt out hereunder.
  3. The site for PETRIC is hosted by a consortium of two companies, Merrybells Corporate Services Limited and Roccio Carrillo International Limited, and thus provides the Management to the Club across the globe. The Management shall most time be represented on the site by the name, 'Administrator'.
  4. The expressions, 'we', 'us' and ‘our’ on the website and related apparatuses shall refer to both companies; whereas, any member who subscribes and are thus enlisted, and eventually avail the site[s] shall be known and refer to as ‘User’.
  5. We however reserve the right to alter, modify and/or change any of the policies in whole or part. Such change[s] shall be published on the website and shall be become effective immediately.
  6. Members of the Club shall be treated equally as no one shall have an undue privilege over the other, inclusive of members in diasporas.
  7. In case a corporate entity is registered as a user/member, the identity of the registrant shall assume the personalities of the corporate organization and shall be treated as one, rather than two or otherwise. Hence, no two individuals can lay claim to the Club.
  8. Member/user shall not advertise any other product on PETRIC platforms safe those enlisted by the Club. Defaulter shall be automatically delisted without any compensation regardless of the level attained.
  9. No user shall be less the 18year old in the year of registration. Should discover that a user is not 18 years, or less than the legal age of a particular country, we reserve the right to terminate the access of such user to our website without notice. Readmission after a proven qualification is attained is yet at the sole discretion of the Club.
  10. In other access certain areas of the website/App, we may ask user to create an account and select a password and/or provide us with some personal information, failure to do so, user would be denied such peculiar access. Kindly be assured that such information shall be used and protected according to applicable privacy policies/laws.
  11. Users are solely responsible for any/all activities associated with user’s account, whether or not authorized by the concerned user – including contents, purchases, referrals, earnings, etc.
  12. The specific features of PETRIC and its App may change from time to time, we reserve the sole discretion to modify the operations of the site, - to withdraw, suspend, modify or discontinue or add certain features or functionalities as we might deem necessary.
  13. The site/App may include inaccuracies and errors, even as much as we ensure the integrity of the site; we make no guarantee the timeliness, completeness or accuracy of the App at ll times, hence the Club is not liable in the event the user make error in judgment while relying on the information as supplied by the website.
  14. The Club does not guarantee the 100% uptime of the site, as technical difficulties, routine maintenance and/or upgrades may disrupt or cause outage of the site.
  15. Users of the App/site require internet access via a computer or mobile device. User is responsible for all charges for internet access. The Club takes no responsibility to disruption to internet services or loss arising from such interruption.
  16. The devices with which a user accesses the App vary in capacity and features. The Club does not guarantee that the site will be compatible with all devices or will be supported by all mobile carriers.
  17. The content, structure and other element of the site are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and other jurisdictions the App may be used across the world.
  18. The reserved channels of communication to the users/members by the Club Management shall be via individual’s profile account on PETRIC platform and by e-mail. Any communication via these two media shall be assumed delivered and shall be acted upon, for or against respective member.
  19. Differences/disagreements among members ONLY on issues related to the Club shall be subject to disciplinary committee of the Club and their decision shall only be reviewed by the Club’s Management in case parties/party to dispute won’t accept committee’s verdict. The Management decision is final and cannot be further appealed.
  20. Further to item ‘s’ above, all social and civil issues shall end, as resolved by the Club’s Management. However, criminal related cases such as fraud, impersonation, identity theft, etc can be taken to conventional courts, but after availing internal mechanisms.
  21. The applicable laws of the land where criminal act is committed shall be applicable to the parties concerned. Meanwhile, the Club shall submit to criminal breach of trust doctrines as emphasized by both local and international treaties.
  22. All transactions shall be done through bank/financial institution channels only – local or foreign, as cash payment is not allowed for any transaction, however the volume. Users shall submit a dedicate bank account, to which cash component of his/her earnings/rewards/compensations are paid.
  23. Compensation not redeemed and/or not redeemable at the point of earning shall not assume any other value than what it is at such point it was earned.
  24. Member who wins international trip[s] are subject to issuance of visas and other applicable traveling documents from the concerned embassy, high commission or consulate
  25. In the event that visa procurement becomes unresolved, the Management of the Club reserves the right to offer the winner alternative country to visit.
  26. For every holiday won, unless otherwise expressly stated, the Club is only responsible to foot the bills namely, flight/transport fare, accommodation, designated tours and feeding for the approved number of people [in case of couple/family] while abroad.
  27. When a resident abroad wins a local holiday, the Club reserves the right to substitute such freebie for any resort center within the locality of the winner abroad. He/she shall however have a choice of destinations to choose from, yet abroad.
  28. In an event when a member, hitherto resident in Nigeria, travels abroad and thus wins a freebie while away, he/she shall be treated as though he/she is resident abroad.
  29. Given items ‘bb’ and ‘cc’ above, should a member wins a local freebie, e.g. holiday in a resort in Nigeria, and desires to have such holiday as specified, he/she shall be responsible for bringing self to either Lagos, Abuja or Kano, Nigeria, from the Club assumes responsibility.
  30. Winners shall be eligible to defer the redemption of their freebies for a period not more than 6 months from the date of notification of winning. Meanwhile, the difference in cost of the execution of such freebie shall be borne by the winner.
  31. The choice as per brand and model of car[s] to be given as freebie is the prerogative of the Club. Meanwhile, the Club shall accept receipt by verifiable proxy at a ceremonial presentation after fulfilling conditions for proxy attendance; but the Club assumes no further responsibility for safe delivery to the winner. Similarly, it will not incur additional cost of delivery to the winner.
  32. For every branded car won, the winner shall not tamper with the signatures on the car for a minimum of 12 calendar months, counting from the date of presentation. The Club shall however bear the applicable signage and advertisement costs.
  33. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws and notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, in no event shall the Club, Petra Real Investment Club, or her promoters, Merrybells Corporate Services Limited and Roccio Carrillo International Limited or their affiliates or partners or representatives or officers or employees, or agents or contractors or assignees or successors, shall be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with the site, link, products and services offered through the site.
  34. Every user understands and agrees that he/she is personally responsible for his/her behavior in connection with the use of PETRIC App and holds harmless the promoters in the event of losses, costs or expenses relating to any breach whatsoever on the App.
  35. Users agree that he/she may at his/her sole discretion terminate membership of the Club with or without prior notification to the Club. He/she shall however account for his/her activities as occurred while his/her membership subsists
  36. In an unfortunate event of the demise of a member, any pending reward shall be given to the next of kin as earlier submitted to the Club. Continuation of membership by such next of kin shall be at the discretion of the Club Management.