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10 Things to check before buying land

Buying land in Nigeria especially in Lagos can be a very difficult decision to make. But in this post I will highlight the 10 things you must check that will help you to make better decision. As a Real Estate Consultant in Lagos, who has helped a lot of people buy and sell their land here in Lagos. I have come to really understand that before buying Land that there are some things you need to carefully consider. The FAQ question my clients always ask me first and I know you are also asking that question too is: *What Title does the Land have? I know a man who bought land from the owners all papers was complete and he went ahead to build and moved into it, only for him to receive a letter from the Government saying he should vacate the house as his house has been marked for demolition. He couldn’t believe his ears, according to the letter he was building what is not allowed in that area. The government had already marked that area as an industrial area. So building a residential home was not accepted. So most times it is not always about the land documents alone that you need to check before buying land there are a lot more and that is what I will be revealing to you in this article. Do follow me to the end and don’t forget to share this post as you do not know who needs this article

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